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How We Started
  • A family business developed on family fundamentals.

  • Over 22 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate.

  • Involved in the sale and construction of over 200 new homes. 


Peroba Homes About Us

Our Story

Peroba Homes Peroba Rosa
What's in a Name

Peroba Homes was inspired by a restored Brazilian wood, Peroba Rosa. Peroba Rosa is close to home as it lies in the centre of our dining room where we gather for family dinner. This name was chosen because Peroba Homes wants to make your home as sacred and unique as Peroba Rosa.

Restoring Edmonton

Born and raised in Edmonton and area our team has a passion for redevelopment. We want to build you a central home near all of the established amenities you love. We’re excited to experience and partake in Edmonton’s evolving infill development and want to include you.   



Peroba Homes Yeg Infill
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